Who needs a Coach?

She Awakens is one of my favorite photographic images. This is a very large archival pigment print on cotton rag paper, available at Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The collection was first shown in Aspen, and has since traveled a bit, stopping in Denver, Las Vegas, Chicago, and now Fayetteville Arkansas and Tulsa. I feel it is the perfect image for this page at authentic way coaching for the gifted and creative, because it is absolutely about becoming, unfolding, manifesting... being realized, self-realization, perfection, and booming thriving Spirit.
“She Awakens” ©2021, Lauren Berley Studio

The short answer is anyone, and no one.

The choice to work with a Professional Coach is a personal one, and a proactive approach to self-empowerment that examines your right now.  

Many of the more commonly-recognized methods for change will merely rehash discomfort with an old story, without offering a pathway toward a successful new one.  Completely different from consulting, mentoring, therapy, or counseling, the coaching process focuses on today and tomorrow, and builds a bridge between the two.

You are the architect of your own life, and a certified Coach is your partner in developing and implementing your own personal blueprint.

Coaching is a relationship between coach and client that continually empowers the client. You know the answer to every question or challenge you face, even in times when those answers seem elusive.  My skill set includes knowing the right questions to ask in our exploration, a toolbox of techniques to empower you in finding those answers and blind spots within yourself, references and resource materials, vast life experience and extensive research, intuition, and my commitment to your objectives.
You are the only expert on you, your life, and what you need.  I am simply an expert on coaching you toward recognizing, doing, and being what is the very best for you, that which you already know deep within yourself.
Together we examine specific personal objectives, business goals and successes, general conditions and transitions in your personal life, relationships, or profession… and make an action plan toward a better life that reflects your personal values and priorities.
Humans make daily choices, consciously or otherwise, from the trivial to the profound, that result in a more or less fulfilling, more or less effective, and more or less joyful life.  Coaching helps you learn to make intentional choices that create a fulfilling, effective, and joyful life.  I can help you connect your head and your heart in a way that brings goals, dreams, and yearnings from the unseen into being.
I have seen miraculous and everlasting shifts facilitated by coaching.  Not just in my practice, but in my own life. It is hugely rewarding for both client and coach.