The Sample Session

An image of cruising along in the flow, being on the right path, and stepping out. Well-paced, spiffy, and ready to show off their glory, the draft horses in the image are from the National Western Stock Show in Denver. This photo really embodies being in "the zone." Authentic Way Coaching for the Gifted and Creative can deliver you to your zone. A sample session is a great way to experience and understand the process.
“Detail of a Giant Step,” ©2021, Lauren Berley Studio

A sample session is a direct experience of the coaching relationship, in a bite-sized portion.

During this 15-20 minute telephone conversation, you are invited to share with me an issue you are thinking about, a decision you are challenged to make, a roadblock you face, frustration around a subject, or even a silly dream you’ve shelved, but not entirely forgotten.

We will begin the sample session by clarifying your agenda, a process through which you will begin discussing the issue you have brought to the appointment, and I will then ask thought-provoking questions that will bring us mutually to clarity on the agenda du jour.
From there, we do a little exploring by means of continuing a meaningful conversation, one that encourages you to look more deeply into your own wisdom for answers, solutions, and creation.
Experiencing our own wisdom is a profound and pivotal event when we open ourselves to it. The practice of coaching encourages your continued access to the answers that dwell within you, buried beneath the garbage of life that shapes our perceptions, experiences, and sadly, our choices.
There is no fee for a sample session.

Shall we plan your bite-sized session?