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Q. How does the coaching model differ from, say, working with a psychotherapist or counselor?

A. I am not a therapist, counselor or consultant. I am a professional coach, trained by a very experienced coach/mentor specializing in neuroscience, through an accredited program. I have countless recorded hours of practice using honed communication skills to support you as a thinking partner in the direction of forward.

Many of the more commonly-recognized methods for change will merely rehash discomfort with an old story, without offering a pathway toward a successful new one.  

Completely different from therapy, counseling, or mentoring, the coaching process focuses on today and tomorrow, building a bridge between the two. Together we create more power for you to affect meaningful change and take dynamic actions towards your goals, starting with where you are TODAY.

Q.  How can I be sure I’m gifted, and not just “type-A” or some other quirky description?  Can I actually call myself ‘Gifted?!’  It sounds so pompous! I would NEVER actually say that to someone… “I’m gifted..”

A.  This question always makes me chuckle a little bit, because I know that sentiment SO WELL! It’s one thing to grow up as a classified Gifted student, with your learning needs attended to, but to have it SPRUNG on you later in life?! (Insert “yikes” emoji)… Recognizing and accepting one’s self as Gifted is an enormous step, possibly an epiphany, and a catalyst for beginning a new authentic life. Make no mistake, it is a BIG REVEAL.

Giftedness is not about being smarter, better or more talented than everyone else. It’s about the neuroscience within the brains of 10% of the population. It’s the way this type of brain type receives, processes, and outputs information.

That’s it.

There are countless resources for understanding the neuroscience of the developing gifted brain. In our modern life, there is ample special education to accommodate young learners of all kinds. And there are continuing studies to follow, groups to join, and conferences to attend, all studying and discussing findings within the neuroscience science of giftedness.
Yet, it is only in the past several years that I am beginning to find articles and support aimed toward a more underserved segment within the Gifted community: Gifted Adults, whether classified in childhood and educated accordingly, or not. When I had my big reveal, there wasn’t much out there about the emotional/spiritual/social needs of Gifted grownups, which is why I dove in. I formed a monthly Gifted social activity group on to be in the company of like-minded others. And I learned that our social needs are pretty specific: we need to thrive in life, rather than experiencing it on the fringe of social constructs and the shoulds that stuff us into the box of a false self.
And you never have to tell another soul if you don’t want to. You can navigate the world on your own terms without ever having to share a word of it. Of course, you can choose a few people to share it with as well. Time has a way of shifting our perspective.

This book : The Gifted Adult: A Revolutionary Guide for Liberating Everyday Genius is a game-changer. There is a test designed to self-identify and recognize the extent of your Giftedness. And then you get to dive into the wonderful ways to embrace and liberate your Gifts. It’s uplifting and life-affirming.

Q. “I do my best to enjoy activities and events with friends and family, but I always seem to feel kind of empty when everyone else is having fun. Sometimes I get really self-conscious about it too, like when someone points out that I’m not joining in or asks if I thought that was “hilarious.”

A.  Well, my friend… welcome to the paradox. If I have all these supposed gifts, why isn’t it any fun? Giftedness doesn’t have to make you a stick in the mud, but there is definitely a blatant disconnection from common thought, interests, and sensibilities that is forced into hiding to avoid complete isolation.  We function and perceive things almost exclusively in the Big Picture, and have little interest in (or tolerance for) smallness, details and minutia.   Pettiness, gossip, “reality” television, and the games people play for mindless leisure are insufferable.
Basically, an underserved part of ourselves is begging to be discovered, polished, and launched forth with clarity.

Sometimes it feels like a pressure cooker, and other times it’s only a run-of-the-mill malaise. Yes. “Something is missing.”  And it feels as if you’re not running at full-throttle because of it.

You are different, indeed. But coming into harmony with who you really are, and the needs/wants/yearnings that come with it, will enable you to find your authentic way socially, vocationally, and spiritually.  With that self-created fulfillment, you will then begin to embrace all situations from a new perspective, and have your own private kind of fun in your head, even when others are providing minutia and mindlessness. The musings inside your own wonderfully unique mind will entertain you wherever you go!

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