Coaching the Authentic Way

Medusa loves to run at dusk is an oil painting with charcoal and transferred ink photography on wood panel. This contemporary piece is about finding our own strange way of experiencing joy and owning it. Authentic Way Coaching for the Gifted and Creative is an exciting step toward owning and sharing your joy.
“Medusa Loves to Run at Dusk,” mixed media oil painting over hand-transferred photograph ©2021, Lauren Berley Studio

Through meaningful conversations, I help Gifted and Creative people self-realize and align with their paths toward their most authentic, fulfilling lives, designed and authored by them and them alone.

Each and every client has the answers within him/herSelf.  My job is to take you there and move you into action.  No two individuals will share the same vision of what a fulfilled life looks like, but you can greatly benefit from a partnering relationship with a coach who will see your objectives and visions through to completion, step by step, alongside you.  

I am your  partner on the path toward the life you are creating, and together we set it into action.

My coaching sessions are designed to explore issues, both career and personal (or the complicated interplay between the two), dig up unseen gems and nuggets, address blind spots, and establish an action plan.  The process unfolds through a weekly meaningful conversation and its series of powerful questions through which my clients can safely and, confidentially, explore and refine their visions, free from the setbacks of old patterns.
I infuse training, life experience, observation, high-level listening, structure, and powerful intuition into this work.  As a specialist in gifted traits and creative process, I am continually shaping my practice and coaching tools into a style that is more comfortable and impactful for gifted learners and creative thinkers.  The field of coaching is vast, yet basically still originates from a model of high-impact, bells-and-whistles revelations, and powerful action.  Although helpful to many people seeking a jump-start, the gifted/creative is easily overstimulated, and I am I am more interested in easing into shifts organically that pushing results.. I am ever-evolving with my work to maintain a comfortable, easy, and low-key experience.   I believe pushing has its place, in but not with Gifted and Creative clients. Ours is more of a discovery and accountability partnership that encourages the client’s building trust in his/her gifts through explorative success. My skill set, experience, and innate gifts support coaching my Authentic Way, in the spirit of self-realization, liberation, and wholeness.
We begin each session by establishing an agenda for our meaningful conversation, something you have intended to examine.  Sometimes it’s something that has been irritating you, like a grain of sand in an oyster.  As your coach, it is my assignment to listen intently and ask thought-provoking questions that lead you to your own inner pearl, wisdom.  And there is a shift. You then go on with your week from a shifted perspective,  and you begin to make conscious choices that are aligned with who you really are, and where you are going.
Each of us has a unique set of personal hurdles, challenges and blind spots.  Through meaningful conversations under the Authentic Way Coaching model, I can help you identify, address, and move onward from them, walking beside you from stuck into action.