Client Materials and Resources

This garlic seed pod is just bursting with knowledge, intention, perfection, dna, life, Spirit... it lives and reproduces in its Authentic Way, needing no coaching for its own gifts to the planet. We are all this garlic pod when we let go of conditioned ego mind chatter and let our Authentic Selves speak. It is where creativity comes forth... our inner whisper.
“Release” ©2021, Lauren Berley Studio

New Client Welcome Packet, Client Profile and Questionnaire + Coaching Agreement

Please download your New Client Packet, review, fill out, and return requested pages by email before your first scheduled session.

Weekly Session Preparation

For your upcoming scheduled coaching conversation, please copy the questions below and click the button to paste them in an email to me, then respond thoughtfully. I look forward to our conversation.
Kindly respond no less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

1. Have you been noticing anything interesting since our last conversation?
2. What have you achieved since the last session?
3. Is there something you had intended to do, but haven’t?
3. What challenges and/or problems are you facing right now?
4. What are your best personal/professional opportunities right now?
5. What do you want to discuss during the session?
6. Is there anything else would you like me to know for this session?