How I Unwittingly Closed the Gap by Curating for the Future

This is a photograph of my natural and organic dye-free easter eggs, produced right here on my little farm. I curated the chickens, choosing their breeds by egg description, looking forward to this moment. My moment has come. in this moment... right? Authentic Way coaching is committed to partnering with you to curate your unique, most celebrated, gifted, creative life.
“Untitled image of un-dyed Easter eggs, always in abundance at Lauren’s farm,” ©2021, Lauren Berley Studio

A few times in life, and even more if we’re living consciously, we can sense a tailwind accelerating us toward our vision. Like stepping on a conveyor belt, we catch on to the trajectory that aligns us to our most precious visions/yearnings/creations.

Such is the case with my little farm, locked fifteen years in the vision stage, that showed up in my now reality at the very same time that Covid-19 swept around our planet like wildfire. A fifteen-year dream, manifest in America’s rural South, is all kinds of wild, fun, mystery, work, injury, reward, laughter, some tears… wonderful! The urging of concerned people for me to stay home was energy wasted, for I’ve been waiting my entire life for a reason to do so.

It’s only in the past two years that I have been curating everything in my existence to reflect this vision of a farm/studio/retreat space, a vision I intended in 2005 at a Master Reiki Retreat in New York’s Catskill Mountains. This curation process was meant to be playful, joyous, light-hearted intention-setting. My thoughts were that in ten to fifteen years, Denver real estate would deliver me a handsome sum and it would be worth my while to sell, or whenever I’m ready. But not for quite a while. I had a life in Denver. A lovely one.

Little did I know that by the action of curating for my future, I was actually bringing the future into the Now.

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Happy is the Observer

The grandeur of Venice, Italy during Carnevale provides stunning and stimulating views of a revered old tradition. Regarded as a tourist trap to some Italians, I found the participants to be committed to the integrity and authentic roots of this festa, and was therefore creatively satiated, to say the very least! Authentic way coaching for the gifted and creative makes visual connections between what you've visioned and will vision again.
“Sunrise in Venice,” ©2011, Lauren Berley Studio

by Lauren Berley, republished from January 27, 2014

Learning to trust my gifts is quickly becoming my greatest expression of “letting go.” Actually, it’s exhilarating to let go of everything I once understood as the gospel of humanity: inner chaos.  

In the place of all that noise and misinformation is the supportive, productive, and creative Everything, that I can finally hear.  It gives permission.  And it gives understanding.  Tools and answers too.  The right people come.  Even big surprises.  Learning to properly package my insight and release it in digestible pieces is taking some self-discipline and introspection.  Mostly, it is taking some good alone time to understand what I am learning.  And trust.  And observe.  And be fully present, the only way to integrate such bigness.
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The Big Reveal: Early Thoughts After Receiving the “Unidentified Gifted Adult” Classification

This line is a continuum after the big reveal party in your head, after the freak out, after the meltdown, maybe the dark night of the soul even... but the golden light continuum is the sweet nectar after the storm has passed. This image is from Malibu Beach in California, my former home from another life. Wow. Authentic Way Coaching for the Gifted and Creative by Lauren Berley has caused me to rifle through old images and experience so much gratitude for all these adventures....

“Equanimity After the Churn,” ©2012, Lauren Berley Studio

by Lauren Berley Originally Published 1/28/2014

I feel as stirred and dramatic right now as I feel relieved and hopeful.  I have just been confirmed as being a “Gifted Adult.”  It sounds pompous, doesn’t it?  Even worse is “I’m gifted.”  

That’s partly why I resisted the classification at the earliest suggestion.  I was okay with giving normal and regular the old college try.   And I certainly wasn’t looking for complication.  I’d been doing everything within my power to shed all that, with only a modicum of success. Searching for answers… since my earliest childhood memory I have been searching.   Running too.  This was supposed to be my time to just buckle down and live a normal life.

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Solitude vs. Isolation: An Introvert’s Invitation to Shift Perspective

This is an image of a bison inside a paddock, looking out into the world beyond the gate. I love this image because I think he looks contemplative, which is a good, gentle state of Being instead of Doing, an important aspect of living Gifted. We work with this concept as a basis for the work with Authentic Way Coaching.
“Untitled image of bison in solitude,” ©2021, Lauren Berley Studio

by Lauren Berley

The creative personality can be dichotomous, sometimes an even split between introvert and extrovert, and balancing those aspects is conducive to a general state of well-being.  But more common is the person whose personality is better defined as either introvert or extrovert.

To an extrovert, expression seems to fly out of every pore seamlessly, and the absence of an audience is a less effective work space. We all know them.  The life of the party, the one first to jump up in front of a group, the one who stands out.  They are magnetic, intoxicating, and, in the best of scenarios, walking their walk.  To an introvert, merely observing and coexisting with an extrovert is either energizing or draining, depending on the introvert’s relationship with himself.

To an introvert, the creative process occurs in solitude.  Because of this, in the best of circumstances, the space is nurturing, safe, and free from static.  In it, the magic happens.  In it, all is possible.  It is that space of no one and nothing, the unfettered relationship between human and creation.  This is the somewhat-elusive ideal.
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