Solitude vs. Isolation: An Introvert’s Invitation to Shift Perspective

This is an image of a bison inside a paddock, looking out into the world beyond the gate. I love this image because I think he looks contemplative, which is a good, gentle state of Being instead of Doing, an important aspect of living Gifted. We work with this concept as a basis for the work with Authentic Way Coaching.
“Untitled image of bison in solitude,” ©2021, Lauren Berley Studio

by Lauren Berley

The creative personality can be dichotomous, sometimes an even split between introvert and extrovert, and balancing those aspects is conducive to a general state of well-being.  But more common is the person whose personality is better defined as either introvert or extrovert.

To an extrovert, expression seems to fly out of every pore seamlessly, and the absence of an audience is a less effective work space. We all know them.  The life of the party, the one first to jump up in front of a group, the one who stands out.  They are magnetic, intoxicating, and, in the best of scenarios, walking their walk.  To an introvert, merely observing and coexisting with an extrovert is either energizing or draining, depending on the introvert’s relationship with himself.

To an introvert, the creative process occurs in solitude.  Because of this, in the best of circumstances, the space is nurturing, safe, and free from static.  In it, the magic happens.  In it, all is possible.  It is that space of no one and nothing, the unfettered relationship between human and creation.  This is the somewhat-elusive ideal.
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