This is a mixed-media painting that engages my photography, oil painting, charcoal drawing, and communication about floating free. I think it depicts what we Gifted Adults always struggle to express: the desire to fly free on the wind and see where Spirit carries us. Cut my strings!
“After the Big Storm,” mixed media oil painting over hand-transferred photograph ©2021, Lauren Berley Studio

Hi, there and how may I help you?           

My name is Lauren Berley and I am a Certified Professional Coach. I am also a working contemporary artist. Film maker. Photojournalist. Writer. Small-scale farmer/farm stand artisan. And your kindred partner on the Gifted & Creative journey.

Perhaps you were searching the web for something completely unrelated and have landed here by mistake, or perhaps you are someone who believes there are no mistakes…
In any case, if you happen to be a high-achieving, prolific, problem-solving, often-overwhelmed perfectionist with finely-tuned perception, possibly socially-awkward, yearning beyond your immediate vision, or just plain bored… you might enjoy reading on. Especially if, in spite of your thorough engagement and completion, you exist in a pervasive state of “but something’s missing…”

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Pablo Picasso

Gifted/Highly Creative Adults experience the world very differently than the other ninety percent of the population.  We are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional thinkers and feelers who are often confronted with too many abilities, too many interests, in too many areas where we would like to work, discover, play and excel.
Many of us excel in most everything we do, but still feel that “something’s missing.”  We think if we produce, produce, produce, we will achieve away that gnawing, missing piece.  We get overwhelmed, sometimes changing from high gear to burnout without downshifting.
Our perfectionism, complexity, drive, and intensity are reciprocally misunderstood, as we can’t quite understand the amusements and entanglements of the “status quo” either.  We are trained to shrink ourselves, and shine only so much as to earn a living and fit into our perception of what a reasonable life looks like.
But we can only function with our true identity hidden for so long.  A time comes when what we have hidden must be discovered, nourished, and put into service, in order for us to feel whole. In order to feel alive.  In order to experience our unadulterated potential.  (By the way, that IS the “what’s missing.”)
In spite of our multi-faceted accomplishments, we have not experienced ourselves completely and happily if our gifts are still collecting dust on a closeted shelf.  Sometimes we have excelled using one of our gifts, but many others are buried in the darkness of an inner malaise.
If you are either blessed with the curse of, or cursed with the blessing of, Giftedness/Creativity, it’s likely that you don’t quite know where to begin to look for the liberation of your “what’s missing.”
A professional coaching relationship with a focused kindred, another Gifted Creative, can be a very powerful bridge from merely existing to completely thriving.

How may I help you? Here are some powerful themes in my coaching practice:

  • Self-Realization
  • How to shift from merely existing into fully thriving
  • Disconnection from a sense of purpose
  • Blocks
  • “Who/where are my people?”

This image is the logo for Coach Training Alliance, my absolutely wonderful school that prepared me thoroughly to go into practice with Authentic Way Coaching for the Gifted and Creative. I have so much gratitude.

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